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Lone Star Scoping is dedicated to serving our court reporters.  We believe the relationship between a scopist and court reporter is that of a partnership.  By working together in an open and honest manner, we can create a verbatim transcript customized to your preferences in a timely manner to meet your deadlines.


Court Reporter:  The stenographer who witnesses and reports on what is said at a trial, deposition or hearing.  A court reporter typically makes notes during the proceeding, then produces a full written transcript of what was said from these notes.

Scopist:  A person who assists a court reporter by taking the rough computer translation of the reporter’s notes and editing them into full transcript format.

Partners:   A person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor.

  • Professional support for court reporters
  • Turnaround times to meet your deadlines
  • Competitive rates

Get Your Life Back

A professional scopist will treat your transcript as if it is his or her own transcript.  The transcript will be edited according to your specifications and preferences.  A scopist is the answer for the reporter who loves writing on the machine but hates editing.  Instead of spending your time editing the testimony you just spent the day writing, you can relax and enjoy your family, friends and hobbies by utilizing the services of a professional scopist. 

Financial Benefits of Using a Scopist

Reporter A
(with a scopist)
Reporter B
(without a scopist)
::: DAY 1 :::

200 pages @ $3.50 per page = $700
Less $1.00 per page scoping = $200
Net for Day 1                          = $500

200 pages @ $3.50 per page = $700

Net for Day 1                            = $700

::: DAY 2 :::

200 pages @ $3.50 per page = $700
Less $1.00 per page scoping = $200
Net for Day 2                           = $500

Off calendar scoping Day 1   =  $0.00
Net for Day 2                          =  $0.00


Reporter A:  Net income of $1,000 plus a 100% tax deduction of $400 paid to scopist.

Reporter B:  Net income of $700 and no tax deduction


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